Are you selling smart?

When you walk into a retail store and buy a product, I guarantee the sales people don’t just say “thanks” and let you go on your way.

No, generally they are going to make sure that you have all of the accessories you need, that you have any services they offer, and that any possible item that goes with the core product you are purchasing is indeed offered.

After all, what right do they have to determine what you have the ability to purchase?  It’s only right that they make sure you are aware of any products that may benefit you.

A lot of times, when selling music, we forget to offer all of our products.  Artists need to pay attention to their backend!  You may have just sold me your CD, but when is your next show? Do you have any merchandise? Any DVD’s? Do you do anything else in the industry (i.e. master, design, etc)?

These are all important services and products that any potential fans deserve to know about!  Simply saying “yeah, check my myspace, I post on there” is not going to help you reach your goals.  Build a connection with your potential fans, show them all of the quality entertainment you offer as an artist.

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-Eric Phillipson


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