Planning for the Mishaps in Music Marketing

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I created a video while in my hotel room regarding the importance of planning, or being prepard for mishaps that can occur in music marketing and just overall business of music.

Questions and comments, as always, are welcomed!

-Eric Phillipson


2 thoughts on “Planning for the Mishaps in Music Marketing

  1. Andrew Goodrich

    This is some SOLID advice, Eric. I’ve probably heard it a hundred times, but for some reason the way you put it really struck a chord. And really, as independent musicians, being agile is really our greatest asset. We aren’t slow-moving bulky companies. It always reminds me of the deming cycle – plan, do, study, act. Repeat.

  2. Rokamic

    hey good looking on the advice. this should be common sense but it ain’t. i’ve worked with cd manufacturing in the past and had nothing but negative experiences. i was even accidently forwarded an email from a company that was meant to be between two of the managers at the company. They refered to me as an asshole. Which may be accurate but don’t be so carelesss that you send me the email too!

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