When You’re a Star…Everyone is Watching

The other evening a group I was going to work with went to the bar and put up a bar-tab of around $200 throughout the night. Buying drinks for people, trying to be flashy, etc. Cool, I guess. Then, they did something not only disrespectful, but career harming… they tipped the server $1.

First of all, if you’ve got the money to buy people drinks, but you can’t treat your server well, you’re fronting, you’re fake, and all around it makes you look bad.

Secondly, not tipping is mad disrespectful in and of itself. I know that bar prices are high, but you knew that what you went in, you knew what you were getting yourself into. If you weren’t about the high prices, why were you buying freeloaders some drinks?

Finally, why would you do something like that to your career? If you aren’t treating servers correctly, they are DEFINITELY not going to want you performing at the club. I mean if the group that is on stage is supposed to be “ballin” but they won’t tip, what does that say about the crowd they attract.

Image courtesy of www.savingadvice.com
Image courtesy of www.savingadvice.com

To build a successful career as an artist you have to realize you ARE your business. If you’re not tipping the servers, they have no incentive to keep you coming back, or the crowd you bring. If I’m a club owner, I’m going to choose the artist who makes me money and keeps my servers happy. Would you want servers coming up to you complaining about an act because they made no tips that night?

Needless to say, I will not be working with this group. I found out from one of the servers (I know her), that they did this. I let them know the error of their ways before I let them know I wouldn’t be working with them, so that they could fix it. But, the reality of the situation is that I do not work with disrespectful people. If you don’t have the money to tip, go somewhere you don’t need to tip. Simple as that.

This is ESPECIALLY important as a new artist, you NEED support from the servers and club owners in order to start doing shows.

As usual, I appreciate ya! Hope everyone is having a GREAT December as you gear up for an AMAZING New Year.

-Eric Phillipson


3 thoughts on “When You’re a Star…Everyone is Watching

  1. Clarissa

    That is SO TRUE!! Not only for artists, but for everyone – tipping is important!!

  2. Ted

    Tipping: Actually, tipping should only be given if the server went beyond the normal call of his/her duty. Tips are earned, not given simply because they served you and were friendly or polite. That is their job. Tips are EARNED. The same way you would NOT tip if they mistreated you, you should ONLY tip for service that went beyond the call of duty. You can’t say tipping is disrespectful arbitrarily.

  3. Ted

    I mean you can’t say NOT tipping is disrespectful arbitrarily. Remember, if tips are given simply because a server is a server, then where is her motivation to go that extra mile? And not receiving it from a customer tells her she may have slipped up somewhere. Tipping or not tipping is their measuring tool. Now, as a band, because you can be judged by the establishment you want to play in, you should.

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