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New site, new launch, great business!

I want to take the time out now to thank everyone for coming.

Speak Your Music’s main focus is to motivate, educate, and unify every and all artists willing to listen.

I will be updating this blog probably three times per week with tips, tricks, advice, and interviews to aid young aspiring people who are trying to make their mark in this business we love.

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-Eric Phillipson


Welcome to Speak Your Music.com!

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Our goal is to provide knowledge and insight into the ever-changing Music Industry.  Here you will get interviews, articles, and videos packed with information for aspiring artists, business people, and young entrepreneurs.

We aren’t just focused on the music side, we understand WHAT MUSIC IS ABOUT.

SPEAK YOUR MUSIC.COM is about Self, Finance, and Life Improvement through the NEW Music Industry.

We have A LOT in store for you!

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