Building Your Fan Base: Basics

I want to keep it basic today.

Here is the VERY first step in building your fan base.  Most people skip this step for no reason.

But, here is what you should be doing.

Network with people in your industry.


Ok ok, I’m not just going to leave it there.  Listen, a lot of times when we want to build our fan base, we think too much about going out there and soliciting fans to listen to the music, or check out the webpage, or download the ringtone.  This is all great, but why stop there?

By networking with people in your industry (DJs, Artists, Promoters, etc) you are putting yourself in the eye of their fanbase as well.  I’m not talking about taking over their fans, I’m talking about new avenues of promotion (i.e. putting on shows together).

For the record, I am assuming here that you are building genuine relationships with the people in these industries.  Don’t go up to another artist and ask him if he can let his/her fans know about you, that’s just disrespectful.

A.B.P. = Always Be Professional

Nobody likes their time wasted, especially someone who is trying to get their own business up and running.  Make sure that when you are networking with these people, you are letting them know Whats In It For Them.  For DJs, try to setup a mixtape deal, they host, you pay some manufacturing costs.  For other artists, set up a show together, for promoters help them promote a show or an event in exchange for a performance or an opening for a larger act.  There is always something you can offer and when networking, you should always offer up those skills.

The key in building your fan base is first networking with the people already in your industry.  If you support them they will support you.  Their fans will follow their endorsements.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to Email me (see contact page).  I may pull your question for a new post!