Moving Smart and Steady In the Age of Now

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We live in a world and a time where everything is moving EXTREMELY quickly.  People are live tweeting events as they happened and sometimes even without all of the correct information.  This is a time where you can blur the facts as long as you were first with the story.  It’s crazy it really is AND it can be detrimental when working on your independent music business.

I’ve spoken before about how beneficial it is to act quickly on things but I want to take a step back into the beginning phases of setting up the processes behind your music business.

Sometimes you need to slow down and understand the reasons behind what you are doing and ensure that you have the processes in place and that what you are doing has a purpose.  It is easy to think that whenever a new media device/outlet comes out that you need to hurry up and get to it.  There is some truth to this — you NEED to be where your fans are.  But, you also have to understand how that device or outlet fits into your overall goals.

It doesn’t help to jump into the latest social platform without understanding the best way to interact with your fans.

So, what SHOULD you be doing?

First, you need to understand what your goals are and who your fans are.  I’ve said it numerous times — YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC!  Once you know who your fans are you can ensure that your goals align with reaching those fans.  Those fans will tell you exactly how they prefer to consume media.

How do they tell you?

Once you understand who your fans are and you have interacted with them, you can understand what other pages they like, what people they follow, and what kind of statuses they retweet or share.

How does this help?

If you have fans or a demographic that seems to retweet live feeds of their favorite bands, perhaps it would be beneficial to host a Google Hangout or join a service such as Meerkat and get involved with those fans.  You should join platforms just to join, you should join because that is how your fans CONSUME entertainment.

You wouldn’t do a concert in a hardware store because they have the materials to build stages.

Building a business takes time and you need to understand your fans, your goals, and how you can ensure that the actions you take allow you to reach your goals and keep your fans coming back for more.

Move Smart!


Importance of Creating an Experience For Your Fans

You know what I really don’t like…

Yawning at a show.

Honestly, many artists fail to try and capture their audience.  Why? Because they forget to put feeling behind the music they are performing. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a show where an artist barely moves.

It is so important to GIVE YOUR ALL to your fans when you perform.  One artist who I really respect and love seeing live is P.O.S. from Rhyme Sayers.  He goes IN! Here is a clip from the warped tour… notice that he’s in the middle of the crowd… he did his whole set in the middle.

YouTube Preview Image

These are the type of shows you should strive to put on for your fans.  Give them a reason to constantly seek out your shows because they know that they will have an experience.  Performing isn’t about JUST the music you provide to your fans, it’s about the EXPERIENCE you provide them

Now I know that the P.O.S. clip was more of a hype song.  So what if you play slower music?

Get your crowd involved, give them an experience. Make it personal.  If they wanted the music they’d listen to it on cd, they want that experience and that personal touch.

You owe it to the fans.