Music Promotions: Whats In It For You?

music promotions

“Check out my new mixtape.”  We’ve all been approached or have approached people to offer them our latest music.  Unfortunately, many artists are missing the KEY purpose behind music marketing and promotions: getting more fans!

The important thing when it comes to any form of marketing are your metrics, your ways that you are measuring the success of your campaign.  Many artists have 500+ CDs pressed up and then just hand them out without trying to capture those people into their marketing list.

To all of you smart music marketers and promoters you may be laughing and saying, “this is easy” and you’d be right.  But if you think about it the shear amount of musicians who are skipping something as simple as capturing someones name and Email address is ridiculous.

There is a huge problem in music business and that is the focus on making money NOW.  Its not so much an issue with wanting the money NOW it’s an issue of that mentality clouding an otherwise business savvy artist’s judgement.  If you’re an artist who has done shows, think of all the people who’s EMail addresses you could have captured at the door, if you’re smart you could have even offered an EMail discount (business savvy people would be able to make the discount money back easily with their new list).

When handing out mixtapes, there is no reason not to have someone who is on your TEAM (see older posts) out there with you capturing Email addresses.  You can’t create a loyal following by throwing darts at a map, and when you just throw money away with no marketing plan that is exactly what you’re doing.

It isn’t all about Emails, though.  How difficult is it to lock in a show before the release of a mixtape?  Not very.  Try advertising that show and offering discounts on the insert for your mixtape.  Mixtapes can be a costly promotion, but if you are smart about it you can easily make your money back.

Finally, if your team is lazy, consider hiring some marketing consulting from someone who has experience.  If it’s going to help you make money back on items you previously would have considered sunk costs, then it is worth it.

Until next time…make it happen.


Together Everyone Accelerates Movement: Preparation

“I don’t believe in team motivation. I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and be prepared to play a good game.” –Tom Landry

I’ve noticed a lot that people focus so much on motivating those around them that they forget the all important step of actually preparing their team.

This stands correct for any situation.

In the music industry, there is so much that has to be done, that without a team, you will fall behind very quickly.  However, many artists and business people alike make a very fatal flaw, they forget to actually prepare their team for the tasks at hand.

The most important factor in gathering a team is making sure you have dedicated individuals.  People with a passion to learn and excel.  People who all share a common dream.

Notice in there I didn’t say expertise.  While expertise is an important factor in more advance stages of a career, in the beginning phases, I feel that you really just need a team of dedicated people who are willing to strive to achieve the same dream.

This is where the preparation comes in.

You must prepare your team members by giving them each roles based off of their strengths, and you must prepare them for the roles that you delegate to them.  If you have tips and tricks to get a certain task done, make sure you share that with your team.

Give your team the tools to succeed by preparing them to handle daily tasks.

If you let your team know how to network, when it comes time for that all important music conference, you’re not going to be the one with the team who is sitting in the corner looking scared.  Your team will have the confidence to get out there and network while making the connections to accel your future.

Even in the more advanced stages of a career, preparing your team so that they may be able to answer questions with detailed answers can really aid you in getting things done quickly.

This is HIGHLY important with promotional teams, I’ve seen teams built that had HIGHLY driven individuals, who really did not know how to properly promote.  Its much more beneficial (and cheaper 😉 ) to train these people than it is to waste time hoping to find people who are driven and very knowledgeable.

Prepare your team, so that when it’s crunch time, they will be able to pull through for you.  Be a leader.


It will never be perfect…

My bio says that I started in the music industry when I was 9 years old and would carry my uncle’s equipment.  What about my step into entrepreneurial music business?

I started a record label. Our mission was successful.  Take a town with little to no publicized hip-hop scene and turn it into a town where artists could get shows, media was calling, and fans were purchasing.  We stopped the record label around the time I moved so that artists and everyone involved could go their separate ways, but, I want to prove something here.

What right did I have to play expert and start a record label? Record labels take vast knowledge of the industry and up until that point I just knew how to market an artist (very well I might add).  The truth? I didn’t know what I was doing 100% of the time, all I had was a dream and an obtainable goal in mind.

There is never a perfect time to go for something, if you spend your life waiting until you’ve learned enough, or you’ve planned enough, you will never get anywhere.  I made plenty of mistakes along the way, I put money into things I didn’t necessarily need and purchased glossy flyers when matte would’ve done just fine.  I’m glad I did these things though, I learned greatly from them.  Running my record label gave me the knowledge to pay attention to every detail, delegate, and all around get things done.

But that doesn’t matter.  The most important thing that it taught me was this:

If you have a dream and you don’t pursue it NOW, you can’t expect it to come.

Will certain things not work out? Yes, and you make adjustments and carry on.  You can’t find out what works if you don’t learn what does not first.

If you want to work with someone, why are you waiting?  You should contact them as soon as possible! But, make sure you are networking properly, don’t just ask them to do something for you… that’s bad business. Want to release an album?  Why aren’t you working on it?  As an artist you’re never below anyone or anything, so long as you take action.

Do something for yourself today so you can make it count tomorrow.