Independent Artists Are Missing the Online Boat

Social Media profiles…check

Music uploaded…check

A couple youtube videos…check

And this is where it ends for a lot of independent musicians looking to expand their online reach. Unfortunately, a lot of independent musicians are missing the online boat because they lack a true strategy in their approach to their online presence.

What a lot of artists will do is haphazardly join and post on social networks without understanding how these social networks add to the larger picture of who they are.  What good is posting on Facebook if you don’t actually interact with these fans or tell them where to find your latest and greatest music or your next show?  Have you set up directed posts to tell those fans in the next city you’re doing a show in that you have a show there?  Have you reached out to them directly to let them know you appreciate them and to bring their friends?  If not, you are missing the potential to create LOYAL fans.

The great thing about the internet is the ability to interact with a vast network of people who you wouldn’t have been able to reach out to otherwise.  The problem is that a lot of time the focus goes to building the network and not utilizing it.  I’ve said it before but the reality is that 500,000 likes/views/followers means nothing if only 3 people are truly engaged and have the potential to become “loyal” fans.  However, if you work to engage these people you have to potential to create loyal fans who want more content, more shows, more merchandise.

Artists need to get out of “blanket” marketing and get into the “engagement” marketing game.  Those who do not are missing out on a lot of potential loyal fans.