How Ready Are You?

Today, while I was out and about getting things done, I ran into a little problem.

See, I was expecting to be booked all day, but at the last minute I had a networking call canceled. This meant I had about 3 hours of my day to kill. Now, I like to stay busy, so I tend to fill my book with ideas.

Moleskin Notebook: Check

Here’s the issue, though.  The majority of my projects deal with computer work, so I ran into a few issues.

1.  I was out and about and had forgotten my laptop

-See, this wasn’t that big of an issue because computers are widely available via University’s and internet cafe’s.

I went to the local University and hopped on a computer and thats when productivity lost.

2. I forgot my jump-drive

-This was a problem.  Without the jump drive and computer, it means I’m not getting much done.  I hate being unproductive.

3. Phone was not charged

-I don’t know how you are, but I use my phone like people breathe.  It’s my MP3 player, my secondary memopad, my voice memo recorder, my Email system, my internet access, and of course my phone, so needless to say I drain a battery like its nothing.

Why do I tell you about this?

Well, it reminded me of the importance of keeping all of your tools on you at all times.  As an artist you should always have a demo cd and a press kit on you or nearby at all times.  You never know when you’ll go to a club and meet someone who just might be able to help you.

Being without your own product can make you seem as though you aren’t serious about your products.  Just as most business people are quick to present a business card upon request, you should have a demo available or a sampler cd available upon request.

A simple, yet, very important and effective tip.

Be sure to do something effective today


By the way, I ended up going to Borders Bookstore and reading up on some topics I’ve been meaning to learn about.  Remember, lingering on what you don’t have doesn’t get you to what you want.