Together Everyone Accelerates Movement: Preparation

“I don’t believe in team motivation. I believe in getting a team prepared so it knows it will have the necessary confidence when it steps on a field and be prepared to play a good game.” –Tom Landry

I’ve noticed a lot that people focus so much on motivating those around them that they forget the all important step of actually preparing their team.

This stands correct for any situation.

In the music industry, there is so much that has to be done, that without a team, you will fall behind very quickly.  However, many artists and business people alike make a very fatal flaw, they forget to actually prepare their team for the tasks at hand.

The most important factor in gathering a team is making sure you have dedicated individuals.  People with a passion to learn and excel.  People who all share a common dream.

Notice in there I didn’t say expertise.  While expertise is an important factor in more advance stages of a career, in the beginning phases, I feel that you really just need a team of dedicated people who are willing to strive to achieve the same dream.

This is where the preparation comes in.

You must prepare your team members by giving them each roles based off of their strengths, and you must prepare them for the roles that you delegate to them.  If you have tips and tricks to get a certain task done, make sure you share that with your team.

Give your team the tools to succeed by preparing them to handle daily tasks.

If you let your team know how to network, when it comes time for that all important music conference, you’re not going to be the one with the team who is sitting in the corner looking scared.  Your team will have the confidence to get out there and network while making the connections to accel your future.

Even in the more advanced stages of a career, preparing your team so that they may be able to answer questions with detailed answers can really aid you in getting things done quickly.

This is HIGHLY important with promotional teams, I’ve seen teams built that had HIGHLY driven individuals, who really did not know how to properly promote.  Its much more beneficial (and cheaper 😉 ) to train these people than it is to waste time hoping to find people who are driven and very knowledgeable.

Prepare your team, so that when it’s crunch time, they will be able to pull through for you.  Be a leader.